Whispers of the Heart

Listen carefully and the words will speak to you

Winter Time

Ground is white, winter night

love is in the air

Horse drawn sleigh, snowball play

Christmas everywhere

Ribbons and bows,

Santas show

boys and girls surprise

Trim the tree

with love to thee

glow in all their eyes

Christmas time is time to share

time to give to those you care

for and to those who are not near

to spread the news of Christmas cheer

Send a card to a soldier at war

Say hello to your neighbor next door

Buy a gift for a girl or a boy

who may not otherwise get a new toy



So empty inside

These tears I've cried

as you walk out the door

You dont understand

but the touch of your hand

Is what I need now and more

The way that I feel

a love that's so real

thought it could stay through this pain

Internal or not

these pains that I've got

leave tears falling down just like rain

You feel pain too

I know this of you

Of pain that I want to subside

To take care of you

be there in all that you do

and have you right here by my side

Instead you went home

left me here all alone

a heart that feels broken in two

when two people as we

in love should disagree

the air feels lonely and blue

I wanted to make

your pain go away

and leave you to rest for the night

while at the same time

feeling better inside

you making everything right

Your love's what I want

when things really are not

as bright as I wish they would be

To lay be your side

feel like a young bride

knowing you are right here with me

So tonight I will lay down

my tears still abound

lonely and feeling alone

wishing you had not been

in pain once again

feeling like you must only go home.



Would you know Me?

Would you know me if I came to your door?

would you ask me in or think I was poor

Would you offer me a seat, sit and have a drink with me

Would you know me if I came to your door?


One day in the springtime a stranger you see

walk up to your doorstep, now who could it be

were they looking for money, or to leave you a note

should you turn from the door and pretend your not home?

Or would you open the door to the stranger you see?




Summer time comes and you are fishing one day

Along comes a stranger and gets in your way

Sits down beside you and offers a drink

what does he want is all you could think

should you refuse to sit with him or take his drink

Or would you invite this starnger to fish here today?



Holidays here and you go to your church across town

Knowing all will ask why you've not been around

That same stranger you've seen a time or two

Waves at you as you walk in from the front pew

Do you pretend to not see him and go sit down a few

Or walk on up to him and as Him if you can sit down


The year has now ended, that stranger you met

You think about constantly , you cant seem to forget

What was it about Him that drew you in so

Was it really someone that you did truly know

Should you forget that you saw him or that he saw  you

Or should you stop an drealize there were reaosn you met


The day that the strranger came to your door

You had been worried about money and more

How to feed your famiy so fishing you went

Hoping to see that Gods heaven sent

Wishes would bring you food and holiday cheer

You prayed for forgivenss and help all the year

Why is it that when He is standing so near

You seem to not noice and to your heart close the door?


How many times is it that with Jesus we sit

Unaware of his presence and wanting to quit

He is always there with us to lead us along

With Him we know that we never go wrong

A stranger only if you dont look in His eyes

Our Jesus from our hearts cannot disguise

He does not try if only you look with your heart

He is always besides you , has been from the start



Running in place
Life passes me by
time won't stand still
so I still wonder why
it feels like so many
years have moved on
and still I stand here
with my running shoes on

running in place
no where to go
life passes by
where does the time go
running in place

(all that came to me at this time, will come back to finish someday)

On the road, up all night
driving down the road of life
where it takes us heaven knows
driving down to our next show

gigs abound, fans galore
who could want for more
pack our gear, tear it down
roll into another town
crowds we're pleasing
girls we're teasing
with our Bluesy sound

We're the local Blues band when we're at home
The National stars whenever we're away
They all  come out to cheer on the show
and talk about us all the next day

The blues come to your town just for a night
Stay with us the whole day through
Blues come around and the crowds out of sight
Watching everything that we do....

Blues town, for one day
Blues town, put cares away
Blues band for one night
Blues band rolls out of sight

Next time we stop it will all be the same
Different crowd playing all the same game
Set up for one night in the door
Leaving the crowd cheering for more

Blues sound for one day
Blues sound wish could stay
Blues Blues will always be
Blues Blues for you and me.

as it says, work in progress

Pour a beer and watch a game
Win or loose, it's all the same
I saw the stadium from afar
Have to watch from where you are
I'ts pretty here, can see for miles

But no where can I find your smile.

 I hear the bells
walk down the aisle
It all began
with just a smile

We kissed, who would have known
that first night, when love we made
The months ahead could surely show
Your love in my heart remained

We kissed, who would have guessed
That night that you rushed to see
Your baby girl with whom we were blessed
Will never meet her Daddy

I hear the bells
walk down the aisle
An Angel now
I see your smile.



 my heart cries
over you
with another
you are true
my love bleeds
cuts like a knife
the day i heard
you took a wife

tears I cry
wonder why
my heart was true
but now I’m blue
over loving you



Take a look around you
What do you see
Where there's heartache
There's always misery
No matter what you look for
There's nothing new to find
No matter where you run to
It's just a matter of time

Take another look
Tell me what you see
The world is fallen down
Fallen down around me
Take another look
Is there someone I can tell
With every chance I get
I need to run like hell

You can't take my hand
and then just run away
You can't take my life
and think I'm going to stay
No matter what you do
It's just a matter of time
No matter how much you care
Hell will always find

Take another look
Tell me what you see
The world is fallen down
Fallen down around me
Take another look
Is there someone you can tell
With every chance you get
You need to run like hell

unfinished, untitled

The heart that loves can also hurt
The eyes that see are so often blind
The ears that hear do not always listen
The fear of love causes pain to find

A tear, a smile   ...


untitled so far

There is one thing in life I've learned
There's a new adventure with every turn
New love, new hope, new life, new dreams
New joys, new laughter, too short it seems
That life so full of love so dear
Goes by faster with each passing year


Untitled Valentine poem start

 Across the miles
I send a smile
heart and kisses, too
To let you know
I love you so
On this Valentine's Day

Across the way
I hear you saythat you love me, too
and wish you could be
here now with me
On this Valentine's Day


untitled start

I don't know you well
but I can tell
you have a heart that is true

The day you walked into my life
I never knew I'd be your wife


Timing not good, life unclear to me
You were everything I needed you to be
Kind and patient, honest and smart
I knew I liked you right from the start


Being with you I know is not good
I don't do all the things that I should
Have a drink, tear up the town
Check the club to see if you are around


                        Being with you I know is not good
                        I don't do all the things that I should
                       Go out for a drink, tear up the town
                       Good girl's gone bad all the way 'round         ******)

Oh baby, how can bad be so good
When we're together
We're so bad that it's good

My friends say I'm strong
but with you right feels wrong
When you're around I feel so very weak
Good girl gone bad, I sit here and drink

                              My friends say I'm strong
                              With you I feel weak
                               right feels so wrong
                              wrong to right what I think ***********)

Oh baby, you've got me under your spell
When we're together
You've got me under your spell

thoughts to build on 27 Jan 2008

Your love makes my life worthwhile
To start each morning with your smile
Moments we shared while you were here
Now memories I hold in my heart so dear

Morning coffee, breakfast in bed
I'd give it all up to have you instead
By my side with the rise of the morning sun
And again at night when the day is done

Sounds that Silence

crashing of thunder, waves against rocks
fireworks, concerts, jet engine sparks
sounds silence still in the still summer stir
whispers breeze through the night trees to her
cold air softly wisps through her hair
gently reminding her to listen and care
sounds that ring out into the dark summer sky
the bell rings out for all of those who have died

A bird in a cage

A bird in a cage
now set free
no where to go
now flies free
never taught to fly
or dig for worms
now as helpless
as a newborn

a bird in a cage
now set free
needs a home
to set her free


Only one Life

Give me just one night
I'll show my love is real
Give me just one kiss
You'll see how love can feel
Give me just one life
We'll show that time can heal

Only one night showed me I loved you
Only one kiss stole my heart away
Only one life I have to give you
Only till death do us part we'd say

Give me one minute
I'll want an hour
Give me an hour
I'll want a day
Give me a day
A week I'll give you
Give me a week
I'll be there to stay

Only one time does love come to find you
Only one time does love stay in your heart
Only one time does love always remind you
Only one time is it really death till we part.

Loves Spoken Silence

I never thought of letting go to hang on
Or that silence could be a love song
That two could be one and one could be two
If only Loves silence has spoken with you
Never thought of loosing in order to gain
or that tears could be freedom from pain
That white could be black and black could be white
If only Loves silence casts its shadows of light
Loves spoken silence, heard only by a few
loves spoken silence drifts between me and you
open your heart, close your eyes and begin
to hear loves spoken silence speak from within.



The Place of You

I took your picture down off my wall
Faded beneath, torn paper and all
As the memories that tear at my heart
Knowing life needs for me a new start

Pictures are gone, only memories remain
The Blues come around when I hear your name
Closing my eyes your face comes into view
No one can take the place of you
No one can make my heart feel so blue

Memories, laughter, love that once was
Replaced by a picture now covered in dust
Love that has faded, love that is true
No one can take the memory of you
No one can make my heart feel so blue


Dying for Life

Living to die
Dying to live
God does not take
He only will give

give us a choice
to do right or do wrong
no fingers to point
no one to blame

Live like your dying
Die for your life
life everlasting
with the Lord by your side


Living to Love

Living to love
loving to live
so much to take
so much to give

Love of life
Life of love
here on earth
sent from above

Life for love
Love for life
the vows you give
You take a wife

Life for life
Love for love
Spread your wings
Fly like a dove

A life to live
New life to give
A love to take
New life to make
A life to love
A love for life
Made from the love
From a man to wife.

Never Forget Love

Sleeping on the lonely side of love
The years let go
I realize what is wrong
Take these memories
Turn them to dreams
Never forget love, never forget love

Days come and go
Turn into night
Sleeping on the lonely side of love

Dreaming on the loving side of love
One last chance
Dry my tears, let you go
To my dreams again
Never forget love, never forget love


I Can't Say Good-bye

The carnival came one day
And you they took away
Till now my heart never felt so blue
They offered you a ride
Across the countryside
Then you left me alone and confused

I can't say good-bye
without a tear in my eye
and as I watch you go I feel such sorrow
I need you more today
than I did yesterday
and I'll love you even more tomorrow

I promise to be true
and love no one else but you
I can't imagine living my life without you
I know you have to go
to live your life with the show
then please come home to the gal that loves you

The day has finally come
Your job with them is done
I see you walking cross the fields to meet us
I wish you'd always stay
but I know that one day
You'll pack your bags and once again leave us



Lovers, friends

Lovers, friends, which will it be
You're with her and he's with me
Two friends on different roads in life
Two hearts together for one night

A son off to College

Boxes are packed, books have been bought
Education beyond is what he has sought
Living on campus, a bird out of his nest
Learning about life and doing his best

Wings have been spread, cut is the chord
Home is no longer where he seeks room and board
Great things await as he goes about town
Striving to find out about this world on his own.

Only a letter or a phonecall away
Is the one that will be there when others may
Find life is to busy to pick up the phone
Give words of encouragement if he feels alone.

A son off to college, a daughter you wed
No matter which, it leaves an empty bed
Memories and laughter that once filled the air
Now echo in stillness of what once was there

A mother's memories make many more muse
Of aonthers life that for a while will confuse
Time to get dinner, classes, friendships and rest
She trusts in her heart that she taught him the best.

Cinderella Dreaming

I've been searching for so long
for a heart that is true
someone that I can depend upon
I found that someone in you

The night you turned to me
We danced till three
No one could ever do what you do
You set my heart free

Darling, your magic made me
Cinderella at the ball  so sweetly
I didnt know that dreams still happen
till I saw you like Prince charming
No one ever made me feel the way you do
You stole my heart from me
you made my life complete
That day we danced till three


Lonely Dreamer

To be with another, my heart cannot be true
You're always on my mind, no matter what I do
From my early morning coffee to my nighttime cup of tea
You're in my thoughts, in my head, my heart is true to thee

I wake up in the morning, stumble out of bed
Think about the day ahead and dream of you instead
On my way to work I think of what I need to do
And suddenly I think no more of anything but you

Lonely dreamer is what I've come to be
Hopeful dreamer of what we used to be
Heartfelt love of the times we used to share
Wonderful memories, hope you know that I still care.

Your Memory

Although we are far apart
Music of love sings in my heart
Songs of laughter of yesterdays gone by
Miles between us and don't know why

We once loved and the earth stood still
Music and laughter for our hearts did fill
Yesterdays gone and tomorrow you will be
A song in my heart, a joyful memory

Memories, we made a few
Memories of me and you
Time of laughter, time to cry
We said hello, you said good-bye
Memories are all that is here
Memories and your picture there

Love songs on the radio now make me cry
Laughter in the world seems to bring a sigh
Miles away but your face I still see
Your love is so much more than just a memory

Memories they say you can't feel
Memories of love, your soul to heal
Times of laughter, a time to cry
We said forever, you said good -bye
Memories, your touch, your voice I hear
Memories, I look at your picture here

Tangled webs of sadness now fill the air

Once we Loved

Once we loved, we will love again
not with each other, but a new love begin
Twice we shared, a love that was true
not with each other, but she was with you

why did you leave me here to cry at night
why did you leave me here
why did you leave me and hold her tight
then,,,,,, why oh why did you come back here

Once we cared, we will try again
not with each other, but with a new friend
Twice we tried, a love that's long gone
not much left, memories, pictures and song

why did you leave me to love at night
why did you leave me here
why did you leave and not hold me tight
then...... why did you stay with her there

Baby Don't Stay

 I am sitting here all alone
waiting by the telephone
this house is just not a home
since you left me all alone

baby come back, baby be true
baby I can't stop loving you
baby don't stay, baby be true
baby my heart cries over you

I am crying in my sleep
in my dreams you creep
upon my pillow each night I weep
since you left me in my sleep

baby come back, baby bring my heart
baby so I can make a brand new start
baby don't stay, baby bring my heart
baby my heart needs a brand new start


I dont' know why and I really can't tell
if my baby still loves me that well
i care about him and wish he was here
but he is out with a friend and a beer

his friends say he will be alright
but it is hard for me to sleep at night, sleep at night

one day he may come home to me, the bluesman and beer
what to do tillthen is not exactkly clear
but wehn he does and when I do
it will be because of you and the blues and that thing that he does

i dont' know and i really can't tell
but I thin my baby just went to hell -
oh he sure is drunk, don't stand in his way
the blues will really be heard today

i really don't know why i wish he would stay
but in my heart i know he is gone
out on the town, my guy, his beer and this song



Please do not remember my birth

But remember what my life was worth

Christmas Time

Hang the holly, trim the tree

Wrap a present for you from me

Take a sleighride, a walk in the snow

Wrapped in love everywhere you go

Watch the children, the snowman they build

Stockings are hung, awaiting to be filled

Mothers baking cookies, dads chopping wood

The children write to Santa to say they've been good

John wants a bike, Charyssa wants a doll

DJ doesn't know so he writes "I want it all"

Gerry tells them all, gifts are not what it's about

Love, Peace and Joy, let's all go out and shout

Sing Christmas Carols to those who stay inside

Let's look at lights, that is always a fun ride

Santa is real busy, lots of wishes he has to fill

We can all help him, if Peace and Love is our will

Forget the presents, forget the toys

Forget the shopper, forget the noise

Remember the reason we celebrate

Rembember the reason is not to wait

By the chimney for Santa to come down

But to love each other all the year round

Christmas is for children from one to ninety-nine

Chrismas is for laughter, making others feel fine

As you trim your tree, as you wrap your gifts,

Remember those away whose spirit you may lift

By sending just a card, wrapped with a candy cane

To someone you may not even know their name

Pick a number off the giving tree

Wrap it with love from you and me

Then sit by the fire with a hot chocolate or tea

And remember the reason for the nativity.

The senses of Love

Love does not need eyes to see it
Love does not need ears to hear it
Love does not need lips to speak it
Love does not need hands to touch it

Love does need to not be blind
Love does need to be heard
Love does need to be spoke
Love does need to be felt

Blinded eyes do not see
Love that stands in front of thee
Deafened ears do not hear
Simple words that say you care
Silent lips of love do not speak

Just getting started...


Let it be Me

When darkness falls and the world is dark

If lightning strikes in a nearby park

The fear of thunder is the only sound

You feel that there is no one around...

Let it be me

When daylight breaks and dreams of fear

Songs of the morning doves you do not hear

The sun that shines does not feel warm

You do not feel safe from harm

Let it be me

When another day goes by and still

The storm of fear grows beyond your will

My Angels


1st of April

Letting go of one angel and holding onto another

Twenty years of love and laughter to come to this day

Those little hands that once held mine now hold hers

The face of an angel I held so close seems so far away

As she holds another that for eighteen years will stay

Her little angel, her guiding light, in the dark so deep

Watching her so closely, dreaming in her sleep

Tears of joy and laughter will fill my eyes for always

Those small fingers wrapped around mine, a memory to stay

In my heart; guiding me through each and every day

As she speads her wings and learns to fly

Soars through life without it passing her by



Thinking and Drinking

I stay home a-thinking; thinking your drinking away...

You stay out a-drinking; drinking your thinking away...


Where is Daddy?

Little boy comes home from school

rushes in the house

"Where is Daddy?" are the words I hear

as he runs about

I look in his eyes; a tear rolls down his cheek

He holds tight to a paper; doesn't even speak

Why oh why

Why does life go round in circles

Start out dependent, end the same

Why oh why does it circle

Why do people think life's a game



Every Road

Every road seems to split

Do you take the left or go right

The left road seems to be worn down

So take the right road; brush all in site

Take a sicle, clear as you go

A path to make in wind and snow

Should you have turned the other way

No, not really, on this road you'll stay

You'll pick up burrs, pick them off your clothes

Keep trucking onward, for you only know

The end of the path may hold for you

Happiness in life for all you do

Original Cup of Chai

my cup of chai.... I end each day

should be you and I,  for whatever that may.....

have caused us joy, sorrow or pain,

to laugh and learn to live again.....

my cup is full, have lots to give....

even when empty, there is life to live....

love to give to those who need,

friendship, laughter....let's plant a seed....

I start the morning with a cup of brew,

end with chai when the day is through, 

in between iced and hot moments within, 

not only in thy cup, but from the heart within,,,,,

next time you take a sip from your cup of joe,

keep in mind just who you know....

don't let a moment pass you by,

that you cannot share a cup of chai........

The Power Of Love

The devil with all his fire tries to breathe it upon the earth
The Lord with all His glory tries to regain the mirth

past thoughts

When I hear the song of the sound of the whipperwill, I remember moments past while your life was still, with those of us here on earth, music filled the air, now you sing with the heavenly choir, your voice is everywhere.

When I hear the song of  "lovesick blues" my heart stands still