Whispers of the Heart

Listen carefully and the words will speak to you

Bye bye Ben Laden Good-bye

(I would like to start by saying that these are words I've been working on to the tune of Don Macleans "Miss American Pie" and would like to acknowledge him as the songwriter to this music and some of the words which I've chosen not to change..... always been one of my favorite songs, and the day of 11th September was sad for us all, and whenever I am sad or feeling down, I like to listen to music....well, on this day, I was driving  a couple hours from home to meet with a very dear friend and could not find a song on the radio....that was my inspiration to do this, for me, that was the day the music died........ along with many heroes, friends, family and loved ones to so many of us.... I pray for peace for these families and I pray for peace for our nation)

 Not so long ago
we can still remember
where the towers used to stand
thirty years stood on their own
monuments of iron and stone
and windows reaching to the sky like hands

11th September made me shiver
with every newscast they'd deliver
bad news for our nation
shock and devistation

I can't remember if I cried
when I learned about our wounded pride
but something touched me deep inside
the day the music died

so bye-bye Miss American Pie
flew their airplanes through the towers and the pentagon side
and the news began reporting of the hundreds that died
Americans taken by surprise
America taken by surprise

Then many gave the gift of love
thousands lined up to give blood
happy to give a helping hand
people running throughout the streets
helped by others they'd never meet
ready to take a stand

so bye-bye Ben Laden good-bye
Our freedom and liberty you'll not deny
We will find you wherever you hide
America'll take you by surprise
you will not hide from your demise

(at the time of this typing, I have not been able to find the rest of my notes and the remainder of the words to this as I'd written them, will add them as soon as they turn up....I've misplaced them somewhere;.... so this is an unfinished piece as of right now, thank you)

IF Only you could

imagine a world where there is nothing but peace
no guns, no pollution, no wars, no disease
imagine being able to walk after dark
no murders, no rapes, no gangs in central park
imagine your parents always saying they care
no fighting, no yelling, showing you how to share
imagine for once that your life could just be
no worry, no hatred, not afraid to be free
imagine the future with a bright road ahead
no anguish, no killing, just love here instead
now imagine that all of these things could be true
no nonsense, no excuses, it can start with you!!!

The power of language...

The Others' Thought

To all who've heard the line 'I'm sorry, it won't happen again'

"I'm so sorry, it won't happen again."
                                                                        I've heard this before

"How can I love you? I don't know how!"
                                                                       But sometimes you do.

"My parents fought, they didn't teach love"
                                                                      They are not here.

"Give me time, I will try harder."
                                                                      Fourth quarter,two-minute warning...

"I've given you time --- fourteen years!"
                                                                    So what's another?
"Fourteen years of jealousy and drinking. . ."
                                                                   There she goes, asking me to quit.
"This time is for real, we need to be apart."
                                                                  She doesn't mean it.
"Your words say love, the touch spells hurt."
                                                                 I'm sorry, it won't happen again.

(words in italics are her thoughts in the 1st part...and his thoughts in the last part... hope all of you reading this can relate, but hope you never have lived it or ever have to.... broken hearts is the only outcome)