Whispers of the Heart

Listen carefully and the words will speak to you

Blue & Gold

We were just ten
called him a friend
to his blue & gold I went

they said we were cute
he in his suit
and acting like a gent

took me my plate
pulled my chair out of place
and took my coat to hang

we were just kids
who'd thought of this
as anything less than a date

my friend he was then
and will be again
when one day we meet somewhere

he'll say hi with a smile
we'll talk for a while
and he'll probably pull out my chair.


A Love Remembered

(This was written for a wonderful young man who was my my best friend and who I've never forgotten. I truly hope he is out there happy somewhere and doing well. We all have people who cross our lives, some for the moment and some for a lifetime, he may have only been in my life for the moments, but his memory will last a lifetime.)

The year was 1975  
My mom had just died
Thought the world was going to end
Then you came into my life my friend

Walked the tracks you and I
To OOB and back
Made a house out in the woods
Some would call a shack

My palace it was the place where I
Could go to get away
Feel like a queen when you were there
Hoping you'd always stay

Time stood still when we were there
In our space out in the woods
If only it could last a lifetime
Somehow I'd wished it would

Then it happened one really sad day
I had to move again
Then to leave and never see
My true love, my best friend.

We'd maybe one day meet on the street
And perhaps we'd say hello
If only we'd notice each other then
But what if we were too old

Could two people change so much as to
Not be able to know their name
If one day they walked into a room
Would they even feel the same

I know one day your smile I'll see
When least I expect to find
That day we'll meet and be best friends
The memories that once were mine

Will hold on in my heart forever more
To those memories of yesterday
Hoping somewhere you remember too
The things that we used to say

I remember the bowling alley we would go
And play pinball all day long
And the look on your face when the radio
Would play a certain song

"Muskrat Love" I used to play
Till you could take no more
But never did you complain
That's what true loves for

To do together what you like
And what I like then too
Together doing what we want
Was the way with me and you

I listen deep within my heart
And hope that you are there
Happy with your family
But knowing that I care.


Teen Love

I hear the bells
walk down the aisle
It all began
with just a smile

We kissed, who would have known
that first night, when love we made
The months ahead could surely show
Your love in my heart remained

We kissed, who would have guessed
That night that you rushed to see
Your baby girl with whom we were blessed
Will never meet her Daddy

I hear the bells
walk down the aisle
An Angel now
I see your smile.



(this poem was written when I was 13 yrs shortly after my Mom passed away)

Death is eternal sleep,
              silent and slow.
Like a blackbird,
               frozen by snow.
It's sad, quiet and all,
But God has His reasons for it all.

Death is fearful to most
             of us.
But we have to realize life
             isn't a fairlyand
Facing the facts is hardest
             of all,
Especially if it's someone
             you care for, love
             and all.

Death is forever,
             ceasing never.
But you got to remember,
God has His reasons for
              each dying member.

To be the President

It's an awful big world we live in,
From the north pole to the south
And it takes alot on everyone's part
Including the old and the youth.
It takes love, peace and togetherness
One person could never handle it,
Even the president has help from others
Without it he'd be in a pretty bad predicumit.
Sometimes I wonder how hard it must be
To make all the rules and the laws
Some people like you, some barely do
Because the decision doesn't fit their needs and flaws
It must be an awful title to hold
Especially during rough times like now,
Infation, overpopulation, crimes and more
Are in the paper and left to you somehow.
No, I don't think I'd ever want to be
The president of any country or place
I just like being an everyday citizen
Watching all the hatred and disgrace
At least this way I can't have the blame
Pointed and pinned onto me
Because there are too many things wrong with the world
To fix them would take more than we can see


Written for My Nanny & Dedicated to the DJ's at WPOR radio station, Portland, ME

(This poem was written for my grandmother who spent many of her years listening to the radio

because she lived alone. She told me one day when I was 14 that she wanted to do something

special for them to let them know how important they were in her life, and I wrote this poem.

It was sent to the radio and posted in their backroom for many years, the DJ's today probably

 don't know it exists and don't realize that there are probably many more out there that feel as she did,

that have only them (the radio people) to feel like a friend is near..... thank you for touching my grandmothers life, and many more!!! )

WPOR Disc Jockeys                                                

I sit and listen to the radio                                               

Thinking of you all day long,                                             .

Hoping that I may be lucky                                              

And you'll play my favorite song.                                     

"Thank you for touching my life,"                                      

"Ann", and many more,

Dick Curless and Tommy Overstreet

Can really even the score.

You help me get to sleep at night

And help me make it through the day,

You've helped me through some lonely times

When evereyone else was away,

I know you're always there

With just a little turn and a click,

Then I can hear a voice and relax

How I wish people could come so quick.

It really can get lonely With no one around but me,

So I feel like I'm with real close friends,

When I hear you, even though your're not there to see.

You're all my favorite disc Jockeys

And I think you ought to know,

That you've touched my life with happiness

And set my heart aglow.

copyrightby@deecooper1974-2005 Written for my grandmother (Amney G. Alley)

Mr. Sun

(written at age 11)

The sun is wonderful t us here on earth,
He takes away sadness and fills us with mirth
His bright glow keeps us warm all  of the day.
And sometimes I wish Mr. Sun never'd go away.
I wake up in the mornign and he's shiny and bright,
Shining through my window where it's been dark all night
In the summer he makes it fun for the beach,
But in the winter Mr. Sun is too far out of reach.
He melts all our snow so we can't have any fun,
Then he goes back to hiding waiting for more snow to come.
I think that h's jealous of winter in a way,
Because when the snow falls, he takes it away.
I like Mr. Sun, I like his warmth and bright glow,
But I wish in the winter he'd leave alone Mr. Snow
Beacuae just like Mr. Sun, Mr. Snow has feeling, too.
How you ld you feel if someone kept melting you?
Well, Mr. Snow and Mr. Sun are enemies right now,
But in the future they'll be friends, we hope, and how!


Cute little balls of fur                                                      
Cuddle them close and hear them purr                            
Cute little kittens love to play with yarn and little toy beads                                           

Cute little kittens soon become cats
then aren't so cute and go round chasing rats
how I wish that they could stay cuddly and small
and never turn into a cat at all.

(trying to remember this one, the page it was written on on is old and yellowed and very faded, some words
are totally lost, wrote this at the age of 9 - am looking to see if possibly I have another copy of it)