Whispers of the Heart

Listen carefully and the words will speak to you


We walked the tracks
Tracks of time
To OOB and back
Once was mine
We once played house
Out in the woods
No one could find
Though they could
We once knew love
Love so full
Beating of our heart
All we know
We once had said
We'd never part
To separate lives we led
With broken hearts
We once met again
Again we knew
That love we shared
By only two
We now held on
To memories old
Vowed to stay
Friends growing old
We now may see
Each one again
Can it really be
Just two as friends


Didn't Mean/Just Kids

 Didn't Mean

Can't get you off my mind
Leave the world behind
Sitting here by myself
thinking of things to do
Can't think of anything
to keep my mind off of you

I didn't mean for this to break
I didn't mean to fall in love
You didn't mean my heart to break
You didn't mean to fall in love,

the more I wish you away
the more I want you here
The holidays are coming
don't want to be alone
Christmas without you
kills me on my own

didn't mean for things to go so far
and share all the things we did
and you didn't mean to love me
and share your love, but you did

not the smartest thing
but I'd give anything
for another day with you
another chance to make
things right
another chance to hear you say
that you love me too

please take my hand and
come and stay a day
nothing left for us
nothing left for you
nothing left for me
without our love
you didn't mean to love me
I didn't mean to fall in love
we didn't mean to break
didn't mean, but we did

Just Kids

didn't mean to fall in love
we were just kids
didn't mean for it to last
but it did
didn't mean to stay in love
but I did
didn't mean to look so hard
but you did

where do we go
now that our love is here
when do we know
after all these years
how do we show
feelings we have to hide
why did we leave
keeping a love alive

didn't mean to let you go
we were just kids
didn't mean for it to show
but it did
didn't mean to stay away
but I did
didn't mean to look so hard
but we did

where are we now
now that we are here
when do we know
after all these years
how do we show
feelings that've been hid
why did we leave?
we were just kids

didn't mean to fall in love
we were just kids
didn't mean to let it go
we were just kids
didn't mean to stay away
but I did
didn't mean it to hurt so bad
but it did
didn't mean to fall in love
we were just kids


A Love Remembered

The year was 1975 
My mom had just died
Thought the world was going to end
Then you came into my life my friend

Walked the tracks you and I
To OOB and back
Made a house out in the woods
Some would call a shack

My palace it was the place where I
Could go to get away
Feel like a queen when you were there
Hoping you'd always stay

Time stood still when we were there
In our space out in the woods
If only it could last a lifetime
Somehow I'd wished it would

Then it happened one really sad day
I had to move again
Then to leave and never see
My true love, my best friend.

We'd maybe one day meet on the street
And perhaps we'd say hello
If only we'd notice each other then
But what if we were too old

Could two people change so much as to
Not be able to know their name
If one day they walked into a room
Would they even feel the same

I know one day your smile I'll see
When least I expect to find
That day we'll meet and be best friends
The memories that once were mine

Will hold on in my heart forever more
To those memories of yesterday
Hoping somewhere you remember too
The things that we used to say

I remember the bowling alley we would go
And play pinball all day long
And the look on your face when the radio
Would play a certain song

"Muskrat Love" I used to play
Till you could take no more
But never did you complain
That's what true loves for

To do together what you like
And what I like then too
Together doing what we want
Was the way with me and you

I listen deep within my heart
And hope that you are there
Happy with your family
But knowing that I care.


Author notes

This was written for a wonderful young man who was my my best friend and who I've never forgotten. I truly hope he is out there happy somewhere and doing well. We all have people who cross our lives, some for the moment and some for a lifetime, he may have only been in my life for the moments, but his memory will last a lifetime.


Letting go
of what once was
holding on
to memories

finding now
of what once was
letting go
of memories

Memories, you and I
never heard our baby cry
often thought and wondered why
she was gone, never said good-bye

Years later
love still remains
holding on
just the same

finding now
that love so true
doesn't fade
for me and you

Lifetime, you married another
I got wed and became a mother
often wondered what might have been
to have stayed with my best friend

Now the time
has come to say
we still care
and that some day

time will tell
which way to go
love may live
for all we know

growing old might be apart
still stayed young within my heart
porch swing, house on the countryside
you are there with your bride

time heals
so they say
carry all
my dreams away
what once was
can never be
you're with her
not here with me

Memories, you and I
never heard our baby cry
love you till the day I die
making sure I say good-bye

A lifetime of Love

 It's funny to look back after all of these years
We were in love according to our peers
Decades later, a smile, a hug
nothing more can come between....

but there is something still deep in my soul
looking back after all these years
all the laughter and all of the tears
where did they think our love would go....
burried down deep, deep in our souls....

who would have thought after all this time
that one day we would really find
each other again to say hello
who'd have known after all these years
seeing you'd take away my fears
just because now you know....

years and distance did  not forget
time and travel now have let
the love and laughter that we shared
both of us know that we still cared
many years ago back in our teens
never fogetting what has seemed

forever,,,,,,, forever......
a lifetime for you and me.

And Now

A smile, a hug we talked a while
about things way back when
My heart stood still for just a while
and wished it were again

your smile, your eyes, your carefree way
of living life so free
a country home and river boat
the way it ought to be

we sat, we walked, we listened to
the water crash down below
my heart stood still when I saw you
I think you ought to know

feelings deep within my soul
were wanting to be free
those that I know longer know
were now haunting me

how can it be years from then
two hearts that once were one
separated by years and miles
new lives for them had begun

within my heart I know to be
these feelings cannot be shown
walks and talks you with me
is all they'll ever know

a hug, a smile, the words good bye
and lets not wait so long
lingered with me on my drive
as you went home where you belong

till next time we both shall meet
and share a laugh or two
know in my heart there'll always be
 A special place for you.


my heart cries
over you
with another
you are true
my love bleeds
cuts like a knife
the day i heard
you took a wife

tears I cry
wonder why
my heart was true
but now I’m blue
over loving you


Once Again

Best friends we were way back then
True love we knew from the start
Best friends we can be once again
True friendship stays within your heart

Lovers, what became of us
Separate roads of life
Mine took twist and turns of course
You married your wife

Twenty-seven years of marriage bliss
Happy for you to be
Raising four children and finding myself
Took it's toll on me

Best friends we will be once again
True love that it was back then
Best friends we should have been
True friendship should never end.

Here we are years from then
Chatting as if years were few
Finding each other once again
Remembering things that we do

Best friends hope we'll always be
True love will not embark
Best friends for sure you and me
True friendship within our hearts.