Whispers of the Heart

Listen carefully and the words will speak to you

Monhegan Day

 The taste of salt upon my lip
In the distance a passing ship
Gulls soar o'er the rockly cliffs above
The caws of the ocean dove
Against the pounding sounds of the shore
Sights and sounds of my heart endure

To go back home to cars and noise
And take away these Island joys
If only of my heart and mind
Lasting memories I'll leave behind
Until the day I'll soon come back
To my island paradise, one room shack

A shack you say, you don't want more?
It has four walls and a closing door,
A window to let in earth's golden light
A lamp to read & write by night
Should I need more than this for me?
I'll leave that for folks of the city

The taste of salt upon my lip
nocars, nor roads, to shop by ship
Nature's music fills my ears
Love & laughter always here
Waves pounding on the shore below
A place I know I can call my own.


Sunset over Manana

Sun slowly sets behind Manana Island
From the porch we watch in fascination
The warm air chills with each movement
As the golden flame falls behind the hill
Sunset over Manana, natures good night

To the north the horizon is met with flame
Orange and pinks drape downward to meet
The calm sea below, red blanket above
Lines the horizon as if painted aglow
Sunset from Monhegan, sailors delight

The distance dance of colors remembered
In the minds of those who watch and gaze
Natures beauty reminding us once again
The most precious memories are not of money
Sunset over Manana, sunset from Monhegan
Priceless to see, valued by many, painters delight.

Night air brings on another chill, another meaning
Golden light now gone till the dawn, colors to fade
Into the darkness, houses near shore cast their light
No sounds on the island, all is tranquil, sun has set
Sunset from Monhegan, nature has said good night.

Back to Port

in the distance
a hump back whale
head of manana
monhegan its tail
sunshines casting an aisle of light
while dolphins play near lobsters bite
leaps between- they swim, they're free
showing off for you and me
Soft hue of blue
blanket of white
glassy pshycelicwaters
twin islands in the distnace
midway to the northern shore
salty breze brings a chill'soft whisps of hair in the face
the cry of a baby, the chatter of children
go ashore leaving loved ones behind
to the south a storm is brewing
northern sun shines ahead of us
the Laura B hums as she glides on the water
a loon nearby stays still as we pass
lobster buoys of grees, orange, and black
bob like seal heads as we pass
a porpoise, no two, swim in harmony
a sailboat passes as we approaxh
a jelly fish with its soft pink color
bobs int he water, tentacles hang below
in the distance, the port starts to form an image
still miles away, looks so close
off in the distance as shoreline speaks
an island unknown, to some to see
some slouched on, sleeping away as others
gaze to see what they may
on their journey home from their Monhegan Day