Whispers of the Heart

Listen carefully and the words will speak to you

A Thought

Today I thought of you not once
but twice or more for sure
The thoughts were of our life to be
together forever more
Today I thought of your loving smile
and it made my heart smile too
The thoughts of loving memories
we'll create in all we do
Today I thought of your loving ways
and the way you make me feel
the thoughts of love you bring to me
a love that feels so real
Thoughts of smiles and love are great
brings joy to my every day
the way I feel when your around
make me always want to stay
stay with a man who loves me true
and I know who will always be
here to hold me when things are down
and to share my hopes and dreams
Today I thought of you only once
it lasted throughout the day
The thoughts of us forever more
knowing with me you'll always stay.