Whispers of the Heart

Listen carefully and the words will speak to you

Passing of Time

Passing of time As I am sitting here writing this, the thoughts are of life and the passing of time.
"Tomorrow", "In a minute", "later", " maybe next week".... and so many more...how often do we find ourselves saying these words to a child or to a friend.... how many times have we thought that when we said these words, we really thought there would be a 'tomorrow', 'another minute' or a 'next week'...to find out that there was not.

I'm guilty, we all are.... we put the people off in our lives without truly thinking that that is what we are doing.... and for what? A show on TV? A meeting we may want to attend? Do the dishes that are piling up in the sink? or some other small trivial piece of life that could truly be put on hold ....

My mom passed away when I was 13, I'm sure she'd thought we would have many more minutes, heck, years together.... as did I. She was my mother, but more than that she was my best friend and when I lost her I lost a huge piece of myself and I've spent my entire life so far looking for that lost piece.

I have four wonderful grown children, and yes! They are all very important to me, and now I've been blessed with three fabulous grandchildren and believe me if you think your children grow up fast, the grandchildren grow up even faster.

My life has been full of many wonderful moments and many sad ones too. I've been in and out of marriage, relationships and love... always thinking that there is a love out there like the love of my mother, ....accepting, caring and kind... not selfish, not with any hidden agendas and not jealous or cruel. I've yet to find that love...thought I had a time or two...

Is it not love if it does not stay? I believe not... love stays in our hearts even if the person is away...like my mothers death, her love has stayed with me, the same is true of a love between two people who go separate ways, just because you are not together does not mean the love is gone, it is just a "passing of time"....

So, if you have the chance to do something with a loved one, your child, a friend and you start to say "wait.......",,,,think twice, waiting may mean that you don't have the time to pass the moment up.....

Passing of time..... pass it with thought, with caring, with understanding and for always ....... with love!

What is Love

What is love? Many would say it is a feeling that makes your tummy have butterflies, your memory go blank and your eyes just stare. I do not think I can agree with them. Love like a butterfly gives you the beauty of nature, the wings to fly, the ability to sore like a butterfly, no worries, just floating on air. Love fills your heart and your mind with memories of a lifetime. Memories that bring new life, new meaning to the world around you. As for your eyes, love is blind. Love knows no limits, it reaches higher than the mountains, the sky is no limit, more vast than the oceans, and as pure as the newfallen snow. Blind to jealousy, blind to envy, blind to blame, love moves beyond, needs no sight, needs not to hear, needs not to speak. True love is felt in the heart and carried in your soul. When you can feel this kind of love, then you will know the answer to "What is Love".