Whispers of the Heart

Listen carefully and the words will speak to you

Written for Cassie

...may she one day find her wings and learn to fly...

Love me like a bird although I cannot fly
Love me like a child even though I do not cry
Love me like a kitten who needs it's mom to feed
Love me like a child who will always have a need

When you see me tell me that you are very proud
When you hear me tell me to shout my joys out loud
When you see me scared, teach me how to trust
When you hear me crying teach me how to love

The world around me changes faster every day
Teach me to make all my fears go away
The world around me beckons for me to go on out
Teach me to love life and what it's all about

Love me like a woman who hasn't been before
Love me like a lady as I dance across the floor
Love me like a child even though I'm fully grown
Love me like a bird, teach me to fly on my own.


Children grow

young life, our children grow
think the world that they all know
is safe from harm and go away
to return to their home one day
realizing that mom and dad
after all, were not that bad

they must decide right from wrong
your guided voice they take along
when troubles will come their way
they will remember what you would say
choices made with what you taught
realize one day that what they've fought

is your love and guiding light
to hope their life will turn out right
of course they will not tell you so
they assume that this you know
but as they seek their own device
they are guided by your advice

so even though you miss them now
they will learn and return somehow
to your love and guiding light
because they'll know that you were right
when you said you loved them dear
they know that you are always here

waiting one day for their return
once they grow, they will learn
that real love is not far from home
that they know longer have to roam
they'll come back and thank you too
for your love and all you do.


Step Out

A song, a boy, a girl, a dance
Willing to give true love a chance
Step out on the dance floor and hold on tight
Foxtrot and Waltz all through the night

A hug, a kiss, good-bye, hello
Wanting to stay, not wanting to go
Should he leave her here at her door
Or should he walk through asking for more

A boy or girl, husband and wife
All willing and ready to start a new life
Won't be more dancing or fun to be had
She'll be a Mom, he'll be a Dad

A hope, a dream, in one's little face
Precious is she in her ribbon and lace
Step out into the world now surrounded by love
Walk hand in hand in a world only dreamed of

A song, a boy, a girl and a dance
Dad walks her down the aisle to romance
Step out of her home a new life to begin
Memories now live where she had once been.


A Son off to College

Boxes are packed, books have been bought
Education beyond is what he has sought
Living on campus, a bird out of his nest
Learning about life and doing his best

Wings have been spread, cut is the chord
Home is no longer where he seeks room and board
Great things await as he goes about town
Striving to find out about this world on his own.

Only a letter or a phonecall away
Is the one that will be there when others may
Find life is to busy to pick up the phone
Give words of encouragement if he feels alone.

A son off to college, a daughter you wed
No matter which, it leaves an empty bed
Memories and laughter that once filled the air
Now echo in stillness of what once was there

A mother's memories make many more muse
Of aonthers life that for a while will confuse
Time to get dinner, classes, friendships and rest
She trusts in her heart that she taught him the best.

For Charyssa on her Graduation

 Once my baby girl
Now a senior grad
No Mom could be more proud
Of the gift I have
The gift of your gentle smile
The years remembered past
Memories that will n'ere forget
While new ones also pass
On this day of graduation
reflect upon my own
Through the years that we'll remember
How we all have grown
A child is the greatest gift
To never take fro granted
Her grouth and wisdom are the truth
Of the seed that was planted
As you go now to see the world
Know I'll alwys be here
If only for your hair to curl
Or you need someone to cheer you
I'm proud of you, my baby girl!

Let me Let go

Your hearts with another
Of this I am sure
Let me let go
So you can be true to her
My heart will once heal
The pain you have brought
Let me let go
Of this web in which I'm caught
Hearts of two friends
Broken and blue
Let me let go
Let go of you
Our hearts have been true
Of a friendship so dear
Let me let go
And move on from here
Your heart must be true
No more lies, no more games
Let me let go
And find happiness again
My heart no longer yearns for
A love that cannot be
Let me let go
I need to feel free
Hearts that are broke
Will mend again
Let me let go
Let go my dear friend.


A Young Life

(Dedicated to Megan Ripley and her family. May the Lords blessings be with you all in your time of sorrow. Take joy in knowing that Megan is now an Angel among us and remember her with a smile, with love and with peace! God Bless You Megan, God Bless your family, may you rest in peace.)

A young life
A tragic fall
Grief and sadness
befalls on all
A young smile
not to see
here on earth
but in memory
A young dream
shattered still
To reach the stars
Now heavens will
A young love
broken hearts
Hopes and fears
As she departs
A young star
In heavens midst
Love and laughter
We all will miss
A young angel
Now heaven bound
Memories of love
Are all around
A young life
A life complete
Rests in peace
In an angels seat.

Your Angel

Your gift from God stays in your heart
Memories of love to never part
The joys of life, so short, so sweet
Now sings wiht Angels
         his life on earth complete
Sorrow now, the sounds of silence sing
In your heart of the love the angels bring
When the sunshines on you, look to the sky
You'll see your angel, a tear you'll cry
At the dawn, say a prayer
Know in your heart, there's those who care
Again at dusk, as light departs
Keep your memoires in your heart
One day your Angel will sing for you
From heavens' harps, golden gates go through
Until that day think of love and smile
Of the gift of love, Gods gift of a child.
                Inspired by Ethelyn's special Angel - her grandson Austin Mark Johnson 4Jan '06 - 2 Aug '06
                May all of those who were touched by this special Angel be blessed with Gods love & guidance


Letting go is not always easy...

Once was Mine

Hi there sir, this was once my home

Now I'm living all alone

That tree out front for my son was done

When he was nearly one

Out back we'd shoot archery all the day

While in the kitchen his mom would stay

Cooking on the jetair I installed

I look around, I'm so appauled

You cut the tree down, took out the grill

I know you say I don't live here still

My life once was and my memories will be

Of this house and what it meant to me

I hope sir that your life will remain

As you know it now, never to change

It's hard to leave and start anew

Leave all behind, you've got not a clue

One day I'll be back home again

It won't be here, of that I'll not pretend

To go out and find another love to share

Another home I know awaits me somewhere

To live, to dream to get back my life

That she took, the one called my wife

bye now sir, thanks for lettting me speak

I now feel strong where I once felt weak

To go forward and leave this house behind

And find a home I can now call mine.

copyright@2005deecooper  (inspired by Don)


She that once was

Her shoes I now try to fill

Without the hurt that she inflicted

Upon one with a heart to will

Love and inspiration for all

Within the walls of comfort he

Would rule with a steel hand

Not letting the young to fall

Then one day she had fled

Her heart no longer true

Nothing kept them together

Fixing'd take more than glue

He left a home now broken

Began a life anew

Lifting his spirits once again

Trusting but a few

Time they say will heal

The pain he has sustained

There is no cure for all

Freedom is now gained

To feel, to love once again

Although he sees it not

She will help him now

That her love he has sought

He now lives with fear within

Her love faithful and true

To put the past behind him

Allow himself to believe too

In the newfound love he now has

And in dreams once drought

She will not let him give up

On the new life she's brought

Into his life and for his taking

Asking for just a little in return

To believe in their love now

Let the past behind him burn

Not to smolder for smoke will not

Allow their new love to flame

But to come full of fire

Her desires for him to tame.