Whispers of the Heart

Listen carefully and the words will speak to you

If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time

If I could turn back the hands of time
Then somehow I'd know you'd still be mine
I wouldn't have faced these years alone
You would be here with me at home

I never meant to hurt you
to do you wrong
to leave you
There was nothing I wouldn't do
to be honest
to accept
Take me back in your heart
turn back the
hands of time

How did I ever just walk away
Thinking some how I'd find you someday
If I could only turn back time once again
Then you'd still be here with me my friend

Why should the pain
have never end
in time
There were so many
wonderful memories
for us
I did you wrong, did
us wrong, now
I'm alone in time

If I could turn back the hands of time
Then you'd still be mine
I'd never hurt you, never do you wrong
Realize that time doesn't last for long
Nothing I wouldn't do for you
I'd be faithful and true
If only I could turn back the hands of time
So once again you'd always be mine
I'd be here for you
and we'd be there forever in time.

Love would be the key to time
to turning back the hands
love would stand
in time
You'd be forever here with me
if only I could turn back
the hands
of time.

If I could turn back the hands of time
Then somehow I'd know you'd still be mine
I wouldn't have faced these years alone
You would be here with me at home



I miss the laughter

even miss the tears

of the times together

over all the years

I miss the hunger

of your zealous kiss

even miss the times

when your kiss was missed

I miss the look

that was in your eyes

even miss the tone

you gave when I cried

I miss the way that

you would always say

that we'd be together

for always.

So then what happened

to a love like ours

when did it change

drift with the stars

fly into abyss of far away

what happened to our 'always'

I miss the feeling

you gave me

when we touched

there are so many

things I miss so much

I miss the dancing

and ways we played

I hope once again

I'll find my 'always'.


Getting Stood Up

I got stood up, not even a call
guess dinner wasn't worth it all
made the meal, came out just right
then sat her alone all the night
wondered why he couldn't be
more sincere and at least call me

just when I thought I'd given up hope
he apologized and said that what I wrote
he had not opened till the very next day
that is why he had stayed away
so should I give him a rain check to see
if really he had not just bailed out on me

the feelings of hurt that set in that night
perhaps with a second chance would be right
or should I just say that once was enough
and put back my defenses and keep acting tough
to let down my guard this would make now three
times that I've let his person get through to me

they say once is a charm, two times is a clue
and to let someone do it three times to you
would mean that you aren't thinking too clear
perhaps this is not someone you want very near
but when he's around you feel good and think twice
that to see him a bit more would be really nice

why is it that dating has to be such a chore
it isn't like it was back in high school no more
too many obstacles to get in the way
to many others with too much to say
guess maybe getting stood up should be a clue
that being alone is the best thing to do.


Don't come round knocking on my door

Once again I let you in my space
Now there are tears rolling down my face
Paranoid of what may become
If someone finds what you have done
why do you let me let you in
to turn your back and go away again

Feeling blue never felt so red
Don't be mad is all you said
Mad is not what has become
Hurt is felt from what's been done

Don't come round knocking on my door
just to leave and not want me more
Stay at home and wait by the phone
For the other to feel alone
then go to her at her beck and call
pretend I don't exist at all

why did I open my heart to you
when with another your heart is true
go find yourself and get things straight
I cannot promise that I'll wait
but know that in all that I do
I'll be thinking of you a time or two
Hoping one day that you will be
Able to one day set your heart free.

Don't come round knocking on my door
just to leave and not want me more
Stay at home and wait by the phone
I'm used to being here alone
You have someone who needs you more
so don't come round knocking on my door.


A new job on the Horizon

I now work two, let's make it three
A new job is on the horizon for me
Doing something that I really like to do
Perhaps within months, I'll be back to two
Working in the restaurant and at the store
Cashiering at Shaw's may be no more
If this new job turns out to be
The job that fits perfect for me
They say that if your patient things come around
Patient I 've been and no jobs had I found
Then out of the blue someone told me he knew
Of a job that he said would be perfect for you
So I filled out the form and he brought it back in
Then stopped by myself, now the work will begin
Fill out the forms, proof of being really me
And try to do forms so I can be little to tax free
This job will keep me busy through most of the day
Then I can still work at night if I think that I may
Need extra cash for the holidays and such
Time on my hands won't be very much
So, next time I give up on a job or career
I'll remember that patience can be very dear
When you think that you're doomed, can't see your way out
Someone lends a hand, that's what friendships about
So, thank you dear friend for my foot in the door
I may not have to fill out applications galore
Online I've done many, too many to think
Sometimes my eyes twitch and don't even blink
I almost forgot to tell them that on Wednesday night
I'm not available so I can bowl and not strike
Out is more the way my bowling has been
You'd never know I was a champion
But champions and heroes all come and they go
Who the next one will be we'll never know
for now I am just happy with bowling for fun
And now a new job means that life's just begun
To start to look upward, now if only I'd find
Someone to share life with, someone to be mine.



not really
we are all different
melding together in this lifetime
accepting each other
for what we

is something
we don't do easily
accepting each of the differences
that make us equally
really the

we believe
will be the difference
in the way mankind will soon believe
to accept the people
that will not

time has come
for us to accept time
changes all differences of our life
so we now realize
we're all the


That First Kiss

That first kiss
no matter where
So full of bliss
for two to share
sets desires
from deep within
souls on fire
no matter when

That first kiss
soft and sweet
Can't be missed
by those on the street
people stare
and wonder why
loves in the air
as you say good-bye

That first kiss
forgotten never
full of bliss
oh so clever
places in the heart
love so true
to never part
by so very few

That first kiss
wherever it may be
sets the list
for all eternity
of more to come
and then never miss
what's been done
after that first kiss.


A Spark

(written for Rick, may he soon "get the girl")

A spark may turn into a flame
And then again to some a game
Ignition occurs without love
Lust is all it takes most of us

But then if not love, lust abounds
Circle of love still goes around
Ignition occurs, fades away fast
Without true love, it will not last

So light up a spark, turn it into a flame
I know you can win at this here dating game
Go in with head high, a smile on your face
Maybe a flower or two just in case

Ask her, no tell her, with you she will be
That you'll pick her up to go see a movie
Then ask her what time should she expect you
Be firm, but polite in all that you do

Then go on your date, give her a kiss on the cheek
She'll then wonder why it's not more that you seek
Tell her you had a good time, would like to see her again
That you feel you could be a little more than just friends!


Marblehead Morning

 Pink along the horizon mixed with a touch of blue
The smell of ocean water seems to be calling you.
Along the line of trees, so black as morning falls
The pink sheds its light as the seagulls call.

The sky with all its splendor seems to say hello
As the morning sun arises above the trees below.
Boats are now arriving as the morning sheds her light
Peaceful is the moment, as we pass away the night.

It's another Marblehead morning as the boats com in
The docks are now filling with the early fishermen.
The pink sky now fades as the shine of the morning sun
Casts its glow upon us, another morning has begun.



Driving down the road
A turtle drifts on by
How did he got so high up in the sky?

Then suddenly appears
way above the trees
Captain Hook's pirate ship floating in the breeze.    

Rabbits, gators, pigs and horses
And Pegusas, yes of courses!
Yes, oh yes, they're like cotton candy
To have all that would be find and dandy

Then there are the clouds at night
Dark and gloomy - a scary fright


Before Us

chatted over the years
both hold such fears
of hurt and pain before us
unwilling to take
a move that will break
the hearts broken before us
someday we'll find
a day and a time
a cup of coffee before us
maybe just then
we'll be best friends
and not put troubles before us.


The Place of You

I took your picture down off my wall
Faded beneath, torn paper and all
As the memories that tear at my heart
Knowing life needs for me a new start

Pictures are gone, only memories remain
The Blues come around when I hear your name
Closing my eyes your face comes into view
No one can take the place of you
No one can make my heart feel so blue

Memories, laughter, love that once was
Replaced by a picture now covered in dust
Love that has faded, love that is true
No one can take the memory of you
No one can make my heart feel so blue


Empty Walls, Broken Heart

These empty walls, this broken heart
Just ain't the same since the day we part
Empty space now fills the place
A picture now to see your face

That was yesterday, today your are gone
Tomorrow will bring another love song
Yesterday I loved you, tomorrow I'll be
Looking at your picture, your memory
The years will pass by your picture remains
As I walk on the floor, they speak out your name
The creak in the floor reminds me of my heart
Broken, no words spoken since we are apart
Empty walls fill the space where your picture I hang
To remind me of the one who life could not tame
Empty walls, broken heart, to you was a game.



Loving you makes life much easier
Loving you makes daytime fun
Loving you makes nighttime easier
Knowing you'll be home, when the day is done

Wake up in the morning, off to work and a show
Coffee and a donut, out the door you go
Day is done, the telephone
You say good night, you're not coming home
You met up with another, you don't want to say
Tell me not to wait, see you the next day
Knowing you are with her makes my heart bleed
Wish it were me that you wanted to need

Missing you is not much easier
Missing you when the day is done
Missing you is not much easier
When I know you're out having "Jim Beam" fun

Wanting you is not much easier
Wanting you when the day is done
Wanting you is so much easier
Knowing you'll come home when the drinking s done


If loving you was wrong
Why did it feel so right
We had fun from dusk till dawn
Then you'd leave and say good night
Out with another where your heart cannot be true
Leaving me to cry over thoughts of loving you.

Blue, blue, blues
Loose, loose, loose
Time, time, time
Love, love, love

(works in progress)

Untitled Poems

Living here on the coast
The fish are mighty fine
Morning "Mary" with our toast
We drink our beer and wine

Go out late a-dancing
To see if you can find
Someone to be romancin
When it's closing time

I got the coastal blues
See if I can sail away
With a drink if I choose
Make it through another day

Blues all around me
My bottle is my friend
Blues all around me
I no longer can pretend.


Love for Life

Living to love
loving to live
so much to take
so much to give

Love of life
Life of love
here on earth
sent from above

Life for love
Love for life
the vows you give
You take a wife

Life for life
Love for love
Spread your wings
Fly like a dove

A life to live
New life to give
A love to take
New life to make
A life to love
A love for life
Made from the love
From a man to wife.



A football game, it's you I see
A fishing trip, your memory
I hear a tune, you dance with me
I live in a world with your memory

I look in his eyes, it's you I see
Touch of his hand, your memory
I lay beside him, a mystery
He does not know your memory

why do you keep hauntin' me
you feel so real
it feels like you 're next to me
it's you I feel

(not finished yet....copyright@2007deecooper)


When love is young
          soft words are spoke
Tender hearts are joined
          soft words are spoke

As love grows old
          harsh words we hear
Broken hearts we have
          harsh words we hear

True love renews
        true words remain
Mended hearts replace
        true words remain

Young love renews
        as it grows old
Two hearts forever
        as we grow old
Loving words together
       Will now be told.


Search deep within a child you'll see
innocent, warm and fancy free
That young boy awaits to be released
From the walls that keep him from peace.

Open your heart and listen awhile
Freedom you'll gain from that lonely child
Let him shine and guid your way
Learn how to dance, sing and play

The face you will see when you awake
Now so full of laughter, no longer fake
A joyous feeling in your heart to share
With someone you love, should you dare

A new freedom then you would find
As you join your heart with mine
Let go of the past, the future is bright
If only you'll dream to see the light

Courage and wisdom, strength deep inside
Then once again I'll be your bride.


Turning 50!

Another year older
Another year wise
Another year passes
Another year buys
Another year youth
Another year beer
Another year happy
Another year cheer
Another year younger
Another year thoughts
Another year laughter
Another year caught
Another year older
Another year wise
Another year gone
Another year dies


....... 50 was the age of your Mom and Dad
....... 50 was the change you had in your pocket
....... 50 was the distance you had to move the ball
....... 50 was the amount of potato barrels you picked
....... 50 was the number of times you looked at the cute
                            redhead in class and never said hello
....... 50 was the temperature outide in June
....... 50 was the number of students in your graduating class
....... 50 was the age you dreaded in the past.......
.........and now 50 is here,
.........celebrate!!!! with friends, laughter and beer!!!

Computer Lab

   Pages turning like the rustle
of leaves in the wind.
Tapping on keyboards -
calls of a woodpecker.

A cry for help-

"My computer is froze"
A smile,
A thank-you;

Another day goes by.

Crystal Cascades

 Shimmering in the sunshine so bright
How is it you reak such havoc
Your beauty astounds all those who gaze
While you spiral in the dark of night

Days have gone by since you came to see
this state of winter fun
to leave us with no light or warmth
Cold that chills the soul so deep

Many have had to leave their homes
others welcome them in
strangers cooking over the stove
together to feed the children

Weeks later there are still many astray
awaiting for your rath to calm
trees being cut and streets to clear
coffee and donuts to workers each day

CMP and National Guards
work endlessly throught the hours
to bring some hope to displaced children
and those who have fled to shelters