Whispers of the Heart

Listen carefully and the words will speak to you

Dear Nanny

Dear Nanny I write this poem for you
remembered sweet for all you do
to lift a smile to those around
never showing them that your down
you lived your life simple and pure
for illness that had not found a cure
yet laughed and joked and though homebound
did not let the illness curse get you down
we'd go to the Plaza most any day
drink coffee and chat the day away
you'd remember life from way back when
times I'd not known but listened then
to stories told right from your heart
of life and struggles you'd had from the start
childhood memories for you not clear
but those remembered were not so dear
you'd tell them though and make excuse
for those who tormented you with abuse
and then you'd say how lucky you were to be
sitting there sharing a coffee with me
our time was short and distance far
you lived those years without a car
but I came to see you as often as I could
knowing it was needed and would do us good
to share this time and to laugh awhile
seemed to my life you'd bring a smile
talk of mom and the love she had
for us children and how it made you sad
that her life was taken at such a young age
it was not supposed to be that way
on these days sometimes I could feel her near
and at times I think it was perfectly clear
that although she was not there with us
she was with us in spirit, in that I trust
and now on your birthday I think of you both
your up their in heaven telling them all your jokes
did you find someone new to call "jackass"
I think back on those moments and have to laugh
one day I'll find what awaits for me
my days on earth will no longer be
Dear Nanny, on this day of your birth
memories of you still live here on earth!



My Nanny's 84th birthday

 Today my Nanny would have been 84.

She was my grandmother, played  the role of a mother and a friend,
I think back on her life, and it is a beginning not an end
that she is not here in person to celebrate this day
but in our hearts her spirit lives on when we work and play
She was fun, full of laughter, on occasion she was a grouch
drank her coffee, smoked her cigs, watched TV from the couch
Other times she'd take us places, to parks or coffee on the town
We always knew that we'd have fun and not get scolded when she's around
My mother and my Nanny you would think were best of friends
My mother's life here on earth at age 30 came to an end
Then my Nanny she felt lost for many years that came ahead
but she was there and was for me now my mother and my friend
She never told me 'no'...let me do pretty much anything I want
this was not good, I was a teen and really needed to be taught
So life went on, I had my children, their Nanny now she became
And what a smile would come on their face when I'd just speak her name
She lives now in their hearts and in their memories, as much as in my own
They now share this love and laughter now that they all have grown
So today I want to remember when I was just a child
My Nanny would come and visit and stay with us for just a while
Her smile, her laughter, her loving ways of making my Mom say yes
Was just the love of a grandmother, I've now put that to the test
Anyone out there that has a Nanny that has passed on by
Remember her with love on her day and look up to the sky
We do not know what really happens when we leave this earth
I'd like to think it is not an end, but another kind of birth
So, today my Nanny would have been 84 here in this world
but in the Heavens were she now stays she is like a little girl.

Love you Nanny, miss you always!