Whispers of the Heart

Listen carefully and the words will speak to you

Christmas Without You

Put a log on the fire, warm the hearth till I come home
Decorate the christmas tree, don't sit there waiting by the phone
Santa's coming down the chimney bringing toys for bill & sue
Know that I'll be coming home if it's the last thing that I do

Christmas in the desert dear won't be the same as there with you
Eggnog, turkey and pumpkin pie replaced by rations for the crew
Christmas carols will not be heard, instead the sound of war
I'll be home for Christmas dear, hang the wreath upon the door.

Put the star on the the tree, light the lights for me to find
Bake the cookies with the children, gingerbread and the sugar kind
Daddy's coming down for Christmas bringing love is all he needs
Know that I'll be coming home, you don't need wait up for me

Christmas in the desert dear won't be the same as there with you
Stockings hung on the fireplace is not something that we'll do
Sounds of laughter, peace and love replaced by gunfire in our heads
I'll be home for Christmas dear, if only dreams while lying in my bed

Christmas at our house, our children and you
Christams at our house, love's all we knew
Christmas without you, will not be the same
Christmas without you, i'll be going insane


Remember Christmas

Hang the holly, trim the tree

Wrap a present for you from me

Take a sleighride, a walk in the snow

Wrapped in love everywhere you go

Watch the children, the snowman they build

Stockings are hung, awaiting to be filled

Mothers baking cookies, dads chopping wood

The children write to Santa to say they've been good

John wants a bike, Charyssa wants a doll

DJ doesn't know so he writes "I want it all"

Gerry tells them all, gifts are not what it's about

Love, Peace and Joy, let's all go out and shout

Sing Christmas Carols to those who stay inside

Let's look at lights, that is always a fun ride

Santa is real busy, lots of wishes he has to fill

We can all help him, if Peace and Love is our will

Forget the presents, forget the toys

Forget the shopper, forget the noise

Remember the reason we celebrate

Rembember the reason is not to wait

By the chimney for Santa to come down

But to love each other all the year round

Christmas is for children from one to ninety-nine

Chrismas is for laughter, making others feel fine

As you trim your tree, as you wrap your gifts,

Remember those away whose spirit you may lift

By sending just a card, wrapped with a candy cane

To someone you may not even know their name

Pick a number off the giving tree

Wrap it with love from you and me

Then sit by the fire with a hot chocolate or tea

And remember the reason for the nativity.


To try to love time and time again,

Never so easy as with you my friend

Your laugh, your touch, your loving ways

Brings sunshine to my darkest days

There are times when it seems rough

When not knowing if loving is enough

To run and hide to another place

Than to see that smile upon your face

I’ll falter once, maybe twice, you know

Afraid of wanting my love to show

Please hold on, don’t let this love fade

Before we see if it’s heaven-made

So on this day made for lovers

Know it is you, forsaking all others

That I want for to be my Valentine

Today and until the end of time.


My Christmas Message 
(my dear family and friends, My Christmas message is to live to give; do not give to live, keep the spirit of Christmas alive all year long.)

This season is a time of rebirth
Joy for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
It is a time to reflect within ourself
Comt together as a community.
We need to find more goodness in the world
This is the perfect season to start.
It is a time of giving gifts of the heart and soul.
A time to cherish the warmth and laughter of the season;
Not expecting anything in return, maybe a hug.
Receiving joy at the simple pleasures ofknowing you created a
Giving a child a gift, not even one of your own children,
Knowing their eyes will light up with the brilliance of
Christams is about Christ and the spirit of giving,
Take out the commercialism.
Christ gave us the greatest gift of all - his life
To save us from our own misgivings, to show us the spirit of
Christmas is also the time of year to become a child again
A time to enjoy the simple pleasure of being with family and
The amazement of discovery when Christmas morning comes.
It is invigorating like the giddy child at dawn.

My Christmas Gift to You

Christmas does not come in a box
Wrapped up underneath the tree.
Christmas comes in the form of love
To our friends and family.
It's not about money, ribbons and bows
But it is about - one lovely gift
The joy our Lord gave, by sending his son
To bring joy; and our hearts to lift.
Christmas to me is the joy of sharing
Laughter; friends gather from near and far.
Christmas to me is the joy of giving
A smile to my friends, wherever they are.
Now for you on this joyous season
My gift to you is simple you see,
It's for love, and peace everlasting;
But you won't find that underneath your tree!