Whispers of the Heart

Listen carefully and the words will speak to you

To Wish a Magic Dream

If I could have yet one wish tonight
It would be for you to hold me tight
Kiss me, squeeze me all night long
Wake by your side when the darkness is gone

If I could have one dream come true
It would be to wake up next to you
From this day forward till my lifes end
Wake by your side, my love to you send

If I could have one magic day
It would be that you will always stay
To love, to care for, shall we never part
Be by your side, your love forever in my heart

My wish, my dream, my magic, too
Is to share my life always with you
By your side forever more
Dreams and wishes, together we will explore

I do believe that wishes do come true
On this I dream my magic love for you



 You went out when you came in
I knew where you had been
Out with Jim Beam again
Seems to be your closest friend

As I sat here all night long
To my mind th words of a song
"Don't come home a drinkin
With lovin on your mind"
What was I a-thinkin'
We made love of the best kind

The night faded, the sun now shines
Love no longer on your mind
Dard clouds and coldness set back in
Till the next time you see your best friend

Please come home a drinkin'
With loving on your mind
Till then my heart is sinking'
Witha a love that is so blind

One day I hope to be that friend
You find you can confide in
Until that day my love won't end
It sleeps (while you're decidin')  till you want to love again


Take My Hand

Take my hand, hold me tight
As you leave here tonight
Take my heart, don't let go
As you head on to the show

Hold on tight, make me strong
We both know where you belong
Somewhere other than where you be
When you are ready, come home to me

Take my hand, don't let go
I pray you'll always know
Take my heart, lead me on
Think of me as you sing your song

Hold me close, in your heart
Even while we're apart
Don't let go of our dreams dear
As you are away from here

Take my hand, remember still
That with you I always will
Take my heart to where you are
As you reach for the star

The star of hope, the star you know
My love with you will always go
Till one day you'll return to me
And my star you'll always be!!!


Manchester by Morning

Manchester by morning
I'm ready to go

Leave My Heart Alone

You told me not to fall in love

But fall in love, I did

Now I sleep with your memory

And awake without your kiss


Memories are in my heart

Tears are in my soul

Your picture is now all I got

And the memories I stole


I wish someday they’d go away

Leave my heart alone

Your memory is like a blaze

Gathering upon a stone

A stone that burst into a flame

To leave my heart alone


I read your cards, I shed a tear

You told me not to fall in love here

Now I awaken without your kiss

I fall asleep , it’s still you I miss


Fall asleep to the blues

Fall asleep with memories of you

Memories of yesterday, will be no more

Since the day you walked out my door.


Memories are in my heart

Tears are in my soul

I wish someday they’d go away

And leave my heart alone

The Inside of Outside


Inside your heart, outside of mine

Words of love, a bottle of wine

Inside my heart, outside of yours

Desire to love, unable to cure

Inside your head, outside of dreams

Fears that you have, those who have schemed

Outside your door, inside of blues

Out in the cold, everything to loose

Inside my heart, outside of fear

My promise to you to always be here.


Faded Tattoo

memories are the tatoo on the heart
that never can just be erased
love that makes it mark from the start
can not easily be taken away

you'd think I'd be able to forget him by now,
oh well, maybe someday
when someone with a true heart comes along
I'll find my sunshine one day

A tattoo artist is what you are
you tattooed my heart for life
dark shadows cast their eyes down
keeping me from the light

you'd think I'd be able to forget you by now
oh well, maybe someday
when someone with a true heart comes along
I'll find my sunshine one day

time has passed, the scars have fade
your tattoo erased from my heart
a light in the distance beckons to me
brighter as we stay apart

I think I've forgotten you now
oh well, we knew someday
that someone with a true heart would come
and bring sunshine to my day!


Come Home Baby

Come home baby

Take my blues away

Come home baby

You didn't mean the words you say

My heart is blue baby

MIssing you every day

Tears shed on my pillow

I need your company


Blues baby are all I see

In my dreams, in my coffee

Blues baby are all I hear

In my music, sitting in your chair

Blues baby are all that are left

In my life, in my chest


Come home baby as it was meant to be

Come home baby and take these blues from me



Paralyzed Love

I'm paralyzed without your love

Another with whom I cannot share

I found my love when I found you

Till the day I die, I'll always care

My heart will cry, my eyes will bleed

For the emptiness and love they need

But with another I'll not sing the blues

I'll cry the blues over my love for you

The distance now keeps up apart

I'll love you till the end in my heart

I get all shook up when I hear your name

Imagine you here, but its not the same

You're in my heart, soul and mind

Take this heart and soul of mine

Take hold of but don't break my heart

Take a gentle hold on my soul

Don't play games with my mind

Get all shook up when I see your smile

I haven't seen it in a while

You're in my dreams, my days awake

My love is here for you to take

Get all shook up when I think of you

Coming home to me, take away these blues.

The Sheetrocker

A hole is made

Patch it well

Seal it, tape it

No one can tell

That once was broke

now fixed anew

A broken heart

fixed with glue


Another hole

More mud is spread

The mind games played

Wtih one's head

To think that you

Can fix what's broke

With simple words

Or to tell a joke


He'll mud, he'll tape

He'll mend again

The hole's still there

In the end

Trust is broke

There is no joke

To mend a heart

That's torn apart

Only love can

heal this pain

And let you learn

to love again.

Without You Babe

I'm laying here without you babe 

But you are here with me
In my thoughts, in my heart
Miles cannot keep us apart

I'm sleeping here without you babe
But you are in my dreams
As I lay me down to sleep
Thoughts of you are all I see

I wake each morn without you babe
Drink my coffee, your reflection I see
In the mirror as I get ready
For the day ahead of me

I am here without you babe
But you have stayed in my dreams
Keeping me smiling till you come home
And I can hold you close to me

I am here without you babe
Your love I hold close to my heart
Wishing the past I could change
Hoping that we will never part

I am here without you babe
No regrets have I of being with you
I'll hope and dream of our days ahead
Together; until then my heart is blue.

I am here without you babe
No moments go by without a thought
Of our dreams we shared together
And the love to me you brought

I am here without you babe
Know my love for you is true
My heart is there with you babe
My heart is always faithful to you

I am here without you babe
for what feels like an eternity
My love has been waiting for you babe

...I'm laying here without you babe...

the way it has to be.

Shooting Pool

Just you and I and the bartender there

Shooting pool, a drink and music to hear

Our little place where we can be alone

No children, no noise, no telephone

The Vacancy they call it, a spot at halfway

A place for us at the end of the day

To play, to listen, to laugh with friends

A wonderful way for the day to end

Just you and I in our own little world

Sharing a drink, shooting a game of pool

Each of us wanting the next song to choose

Each of us wanting the game not to loose

Just you and I back home in our bed

The love we both share; no words need be said

Don't Cheat

Don't cheat on me, don't make me hurt

I am not the one from which you were burnt

Walk away if this you must do

Know that I will continue to love you

Walk away if with another you'll be

Just please, oh please don't cheat on me.

I'll stay, not stray if this is what you want

To see you with another, this a cannot

Go to her only after you are gone

To do it differently would be wrong

Do not go quietly into the night

Because I'm at work and out of sight

With another you should not be

Don't cheat, oh please don't cheat on me.

Hold onto our Love

Hold onto our love dear as you go
Tonight with the band to the show
I am proud of you and all that you do
Knock them dead, know that I love you
My heart goes with you wherever you are
You'll always be my "Shining Star"

Hold onto our love and know that it is strong
While you go away to sing your song
I know that you are happy here with me
And that your love will truly be
With me in perfect harmony.
Passionate love; we'll set the sheets on fire
Making love to you is my hearts desire
For you are my lover and my best friend
My love for you has no end.

Take hold of our love and keep it strong
In your heart, know where you belong
Here with the gal that loves you dear
Loving to love you, wanting you near
Take more than my heart and lead me on
When you come home, I'll be where I belong
Keeping our bed warm, waiting for you
Proud to be with you, and of all that you do

Hold onto these thoughts while you play
Fly like a dove while you're on stage
Let your harp sing like a robin would
Know I'll be there whenever I could
To cheer you on, to hold your hand
Proud to be your lady, proud you're my man

Soaring, singing on the town
Hold tight to our love, till homeward bound
When you can hold me tight, hold my hand
Talk to me of the fun you had with the band
Take my heart to where ever you go
As you play your harp; let the world know

That you are a star, you shine above all
This is your life, the stage for you calls
Take my love with you until you return
Home to me baby, my love for you burns
I love you just the way you are
You'll always be my "Shining Star".



Blues Man in a Red-Neck World 

Blues man in a red-neck world

Tryin' to make a livin' ... for he and his girl

Lookin at the paper, checkin out the net

Tears of disappointment, ain't heard nothin yet

Stays up a workin ...tryin all night long

Strummin his guitar and a singing this song

Blues man in a red-neck world

Trying to make a livin for he and his girl

Blues man in a red-neck world

Blues man

Red neck world

Blues man

Red neck world

 copyright @ 2005 by Dee Cooper

Not One, But Two


Not one, but two you have hurt so bad

With your lies, I hope you're glad

Not one, but two families torn apart

With your love that lies outside your heart

Not one, but two you've promised to share

A life and dreams, but brought despair

Not one, but two now dissapointed and hurt

This time not you, it's others you have burnt

Not one, but two hearts lay broken and blue

A life that was once one, now broken in two.


Not two, but one woman you should be with

Not two, but one woman your heart to give

Not two, but one woman to share your bed

Not two, but one woman to dream ahead

Not two, but one woman to make dreams

Not two, but one woman for all your means


You've broken hearts, you've shattered lives

Not just once, you've done this twice

Now two hearts will mend in time will heal

And learn once again how to feel

Not one, but two you have caused much pain

Not one, but two in time will learn to love again.

Why has this Happened to our Love

You refused a hug, got out of bed
Said you'd give me one instead
On your way ...out the door
That didn't even then occur
What has happened to our love?

You say don't touch me in the night
But still say that "we're alright"
Never a hug, never a kiss
Making love I truly miss
What has happened to our love?

You go out drinking now and again
No more with me, but with a friend
Come home smiling, loving sometimes too
Still not sure though what I'm allowed to do.
What has happened to our love?


Acknowledgement for music provided

Music on this page provided by "Little Jimi & the backroom Blues Band"

copyright @ 2005 Little Jimi Music