Whispers of the Heart

Listen carefully and the words will speak to you

A Rewarding Job

That piece of paper on the wall
Seems to be the deciding call
Will I get it, will I not
The job for which I have sought
I am qualified, maybe above the rest
Let's put that paper to the test

They want someone who really cares
Puts the needs of children before theirs
Someone to listen, encourage and to try
When others just cast the child aside

A child with autism some will say
Will not be worth their time of day
This child is smart, can make the grade
If only we are not afraid

Of what is different we cannot explain
But their hearts are still the same
Feeling hurt when left behind
All they need is someone kind

An ear that will listen, heart that will care
To know that there is someone there
Take their hand and lead the way
By their side you must always stay

Do not think that they are dumb
If so then you are the only one
Who really has the special needs
These children are very smart indeed

Do not close your eyes to this view
These children, they depend on you
You and I to make others see
They are no different than you and me

Just as we all learn in our own way
Through love and caring, so do they
A child should never be left behind
It's up to us to give them time.