Whispers of the Heart

Listen carefully and the words will speak to you

Crazy Clam

One of the most romantic events in my life happened when this man proposed to me. The sparkle of the moon on the water gave the same reflection as the sparkle in his eyes as he walked over to me, mic in hand, singing "Amazed" by Lonestar, got down on his knee and asked me to be his wife.  What a night, what a moment and what a wonderful scene for a great television show! We did not marry, but it sure made a nice poem!

What a night out by the sea
Me with you, and you with me
We danced, we laughed, we had a drink
Then in a moment you gave a wink

You took the mic, you sang to me
Not just the song, but you happily
Walked toward me as if we were the only ones
That existed that night under the setting sun

You kneeled before me, you took my hand
Continued to sing along with the band
Then you looked up into my Angel Eyes
With love that melted and made me cry

You said to me "Will you take my hand?"
"Will you let me always be your man?"
"Will you marry me, live with me dear?
With those words, I shed a tear.

"Angel Eyes' Is what you always said
Those words will always stay in my head
As I smiled at you, a tear in my eye
The crowd all cheered, we both know why

Congratulations we got till the nights end
We left both smiling, we were best friends
Our wedding was to be simple, quiet and free
Barefoot in the sand, just you and me

A BBQ later with our family and friends
Happy from that day forward till our lives end
That night for me was the most romantic by far
We danced, we kissed, I felt like a star.