Whispers of the Heart

Listen carefully and the words will speak to you

Blues in Read

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I dont' know why and I really can't tell
if my baby still loves me that well
i care about him and wish he was here
but he is out with a friend and a beer

his friends say he will be alright
but it is hard for me to sleep at night, sleep at night

one day he may come home to me,
the blues man and beer
what to do till then
is not exactly clear
but when he does and when I do
it will be because of you and the blues

i dont' know why and i really can't tell
but I think my baby just went to hell -
oh he sure is drunk, don't stand in his way
the blues will really be heard today

i don't know why
i wish he would stay
my hearts been broke
yet another day l
ove that's wrong
will someday fade away
all that is left is
memory and song
i know he is gone
out on the town, my guy, his beer and this song


Your Eyes

Your eyes once showed me what love was about
Your eyes once stole my heart
Then one day happened you screamed and shout
Since that day we've been apart

Your eyes.....your eyes.....still bore right through my soul
Your touch....your kiss......touched me like no other known

Your touch once made me feel safe and warm
Your touch was gentle and kind
Then one day happened your touch was harsh
Since that day you've not been mine

Your touch.....your touch...... still remembered so dear
Your eyes...... your lips........a kiss took away all fear

Your love once made me feel like I was the one
Your love was all that I desired
Then one day happened you walked out my door
Since that day I've sat and cried

Your love......your love...... still sits within my heart
your love.......your love.......even though we now are apart

Your love.....your love....gave me the strength to see
your love.....your love.....just wasn't meant to be


Christmas Blues

The ground may be white, but I'll be blue

Celebrating my Christmas without you

The tree may be lit, but it'll be dark

Without your love to light a spark

The stockings may be full, my hearty empty

Without you here keeping me company

Carolers singing "Silent Night" stroll by

I watch out my window as I look at the sky

The moon is bright, the stars are shining

The blues set in as I sit here wondering

Your gift is wrapped underneath the tree

There it will stay till you come home to me

It's wrapped with love, it's wrapped with hope

It's wrapped with the joy that we used to know

As I sit here the snowflakes fall to the ground

It's silent, I watch, you don't come around

The night is frozen, I feel a chill

To have you here is my will

We'll sit by the fire with a cup of chai

The way it was for you and I

I open my eyes and realize you are not here

I'm sitting alone still in this chair

The ground is white, but I'm still blue

Celebrating my Christmas without you.


Take My Blues Away

We go out Sunday evening, together on the town

But by Friday night dear, you don't want me around

You go out with your friends, leaving me at home

The "stay at home" blues set in, while I"m sitting here alone.


In the early hours, you stumble to our bed

Hold me, hug me , love me; make my skin turn red

You love with deepest passion, like you've never loved before

Wake me hours later, getting to love you even more


But when the morning comes dear, you get up out of bed

As if you never loved me, no words are even said

We go about our day, as we've done before

Until the next time you go out, you don't love me anymore


I'm feeling the blues

While you are away

Wanting nothing to loose

Loving you every day

You're drinking the blues

While you are away

Wanting nothing to loose

The love you feel everyday

Blues, baby , blues

Take my blues away!!!

copyright @ 25September2004 Dee Cooper

Like I do???

Does she make you tea... like I do?

Does she play Diablo till three, like I do?

Does she really care, would she be there...

To love you....like I do???


The heart your're breaking

When you're out a-dating

Will heal with an "I love you"

Is it just.... a moment of lust

Breaking the silence of trust

Or something you just need to do?


Does she like to cook...like I do?

Does she read a book....like I do?

Would she really care if you weren't there...

Does she need you....like I do???


Is it the love your creating

When you're out cheating

Or a fantasy to fill???

Whatever it is, I'll tell you this

To love you... is still my will!

To Feel Alive

We touch without holding

A kiss our lips do not touch

The little joys of loving

Are the things I miss so much

We sleep together seperately

Your touch I do not feel

From nightfall till the morning light

Wonder if your love for me is real.

We talk without speaking

Listen I don't think you do

For inside my heart is breaking

To feel the love from you

You ask me to be patient, tell me you've been hurt

Think that I'm another from which you will be burnt.

What will it take to show you

My love for you is true

And that i'll never hurt you

Just love my whole life through

Till then my thoughts are whispers

My heart alone it cries

Till one day your fears cure

And you make me feel alive.


To make love, to touch, to kiss

The feel of your love I so much miss

To lay beside you all night long

Reach out and touch you-to not be wrong

Butterfly kisses or a kiss of zeal

To let me know that you feel

A love for me from deep within

As you did when we first had been

Together close and making love at night

And again at the mornings light

I miss our close and gentle ways

And your zestful way you  play

Be it gently or be it strong

Loving you is right, it is not wrong

With you is where I belong

Making love at dusk and again at dawn

Not just to cook, clean wash & drive

But as a woman to feel alive

To feel you with me and deep within

My love for you yearns; again & again

So my darling please think it through

Know in my heart that I love you

I'll help and support you in all you do

In return I ask just for a few

Times to be together-just you and I

To share special moments, to let our love fly.