Whispers of the Heart

Listen carefully and the words will speak to you

Poems written by Charyssa


Bend in my Life

To the one that let me go...and decided to come back...

Well it's come to an end,
My life has come to a bend.
Like always of course,
A bend for the worse.
He means so much to me,
But he has set me free.
It's not forever I know,
So I wonder why I feel low.
Lower than the sun at night,
I wish I could see the light.
The light that tells me which way to go,
And thanks to this I know.
Back home is where I belong,
I know this feeling won't last for long.
So I will suck it in till the end,
Until my life comes to a better bend.


Friend Type

To everyone that thinks they need somone in their life!!

I'm sitting here all alone
Because, I'm just the friend type
The lonely depressed feeling has grown
Because, I'm just the friend type
I don't understand why
I sit here in the dark and cry
I'm so sick of being free
Because I'm just the friend type
I just want someone to hold
I try to be so bold
Because, I am just the friend type
Need someone to keep me warm on lonely nights
When the wind blows and the cold bites
But I guess I will always be alone
Because...I'm just the friend type!

Copyright ©2005 Charyssa L Shannon


Tells Me...

To Dan, the man of my dreams...I love you

The look in his eyes
Tells me he's mine
The smile on his face
Tells me I'm pretty
The feel in his touch
Tells me he cares
The sense I get in his kiss
Tells me he loves me...Forever!

Copyright ©2005 Charyssa L Shannon

Poems written by DJ

Sun vs Moon

To all the other 12 year olds, who like myself love space

The sun is bright and warm,
The moon dark and cold.
When it is sunny out, the birds chirp
When the moon is out, wolves howl a dark howl
The sun is a powerful thing, it can burn and cook,
The moon can do nothing.
The sun and the moon do weird things sometimes,
They are the things that make
A solar eclipse and lunar eclipse.
A lunar eclipse is when the sun covers the moon
A solar eclipse is when the moon is covering
the sun.
And that is the difference between
The powerful sun
And the weak moon.

Copyright ©2000Dustin Hutchins

The Mystery in the Sky

        When people see me they sometimes get afraid.                                                  

Other people watch me until my blinding light makes them cry                                              

                           like the sun on a sunny day

       No sound and people don't know what I am.

And when they see me in a field all they hear is bees.

                    I have no smell anywhere.

                              What am I?

                           I am a mystery.           

[email protected]



"hope it to be summer"

Long before summer comes i sit here and think how long.

I sit in this desk at school, hoping it will be soon.

Short rest, long days, when will i ever get paid.

Work please i need a job nothing to do, when i do get out of school.

When will this summer come? Soon i hope so i can rest under the sun.

Going to the beach, hanging with friends, have a good time, when will it end.

School days long and hard.

Summer days oh summer days, please come and always stay.                                            

by[email protected]2001


Bad Dreams

2:00 I get out of school

I step outside and it's a bit cool

I look around as the sun turn to ice

the birds no longer chirp but instead bite

things started going wrong I look around and se something


I see the students falling apart

I see their arms fall off and their guts fall out

their eyes turn white and their hair burn off

everything's wrong but then I wake up

look up at the clock time has just stopped.



Poems written by Dylan

A Crow

A crow flies like a black death.

So much life wasted on greed and desire.

So a crow flies on to eat the food of ours.

With no regret it will go on and on, never to be stopped.   

Dylan [email protected] copyright2005

Poems written by Cassie


poems are hard to write

 i am not a great writer

no one has to be perfect at it

 poems are hard to think of

i am not a good rhymer

you can't expect every one to do it

as i sit here writing this

 i am having a hard time

[email protected]


Animals are hurting

They need our help.

I love dogs and horsed.

When I look outside

I see the animals that hurt.

I will help all I can.

[email protected]