Whispers of the Heart

Listen carefully and the words will speak to you

If I were a fly on the Wall...

If I were a fly on the wall, oh my
The things I'd see as I buzz by
Things I would hear from your lips as well
Oh if I were a fly, the things I could tell

Do you think that Betty knows about Bill
The cheating he does while she's at the grill
Working over heat as he heats up others' beds
when he should be heating up her bed instead

What about Mary and that thing with steve
do you think that they have told louise?
She's planning her wedding with him as I fly
If I could tell her she'd find another guy

the things that I see, the things that I hear
as I buzz overhead and you swat me from there
you'd cry if you knew what I know from here
you'd loose many friends if the stories they'd share

people are strange when no one is around
all they hear is that buzzing sound
they speak of their mind, they speak of the truth
they forget their morals, manners and couth

If I were a fly on the wall, oh my
I could write a book of the stories they'd tell
bestseller it'd be, people would relate so well
If I were a fly on the wall, oh my,
If I were a fly, but wait, oh no! SWAT! I die.

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A cup of Chai

my cup of chai.... I end each day

should be you and I,  for whatever that may.....

have caused us joy, sorrow or pain,

to laugh and learn to live again.....

my cup is full, have lots to give....

even when empty, there is life to live....

love to give to those who need,

friendship, laughter....let's plant a seed....

I start the morning with a cup of brew,

end with chai when the day is through,

in between iced and hot moments we'll share,

not only in thy cup, but from our hearts despair,,,,,

next time you take a sip from your cup of joe,

keep in mind just who you know....

don't let a moment pass you by,

that you cannot share a cup of chai........

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